Lacrosse Events Focused on the Players of Northern Virginia

As one of the region's longest-standing lacrosse event organizers, we at LaxNOVA Events believe in a simple principle: lacrosse is meant to be fun! While we value the importance of "Recruiting Tournaments" in showcasing talent to college coaches, our events focus on spirited competition and championship formats. We aim to reconnect players with the pure enjoyment that drew them to this great sport in the first place.

Our flagship event, the Fall Brawl 7v7 Tournament, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021. We've also introduced the Winter Thaw, held each February since 2020, to kick off the spring season. Both events cater to scholastic and recreation-based teams.

Consider LaxNOVA Events for your tournament needs. We've built our reputation from the ground up, consistently receiving praise from parents, players, and coaches. Our tournaments offer an exciting and enjoyable showcase of the game we all cherish.

Join us in rediscovering the fun in lacrosse!